Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More P&S Versus DSLR Comparisons

Here are a couple more image pairs. In each case "A" was taken with a point & shoot camera and "B" with a Nikon DSLR. The "A" shots are JPEGs straight out of the camera. The "B" shots were shot in RAW and then worked slightly in Adobe Lightroom (my favorite software for cataloging and doing minor work on images).
So what is the advantage of having a DSLR? One is if you plan to make large prints (over 8" X 10"), the greater resolution of the DSLR becomes apparent. Another advantage is that the DSLR has essentially no shutter lag between the pushing of the shutter release and the capture of the image. The long lag in most point & shoots can be frustrating when trying to capture fast action like sports, flying birds, and small children. Also, DSLRs can make remarkably good images in dim light without flash, an aspect we will explore in the next blog.

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